A new zebra crossing that links the National Trust car park to Lacock village has been criticised by a local resident, who fears it will hold up traffic and increase pollution.

The crossing, across Hither Way, opened on October 26, following approval by Wiltshire Council in July. A council report put the cost at £55,000, with £25,000 coming from the National Trust, £23,000 from Wiltshire Council and £7,000 from Lacock parish council - though the trust agreed to reimburse the parish council for its contribution.

But Peter Glen, who has lived in the Lacock parish for 70 years, and served as a parish councillor for 22, believes the choice of a zebra crossing will hold up traffic, that lighting the crossing after dark when the car park isn't open is a waste, and that the National Trust should have paid for it all because he thinks it benefits the charity and not the local community.

"I am just one of many in the community who take the view that the National Trust are the sole beneficiaries of this costly installation," he said.

"There will without doubt be traffic delays caused by the choice of installation of a Zebra Crossing. I and others have already experienced delays. These delays and indeed any vehicle that has to stop for pedestrians crossing will be emitting increased toxic emissions."

He was also concerned the belisha beacons were a source of light pollution.

Wiltshire Council member for Corsham Without and Box Hill Ben Anderson had a positive view of the zebra crossing, however.

“These days, there are so many people crossing Hither Way that there must be some sort of formal crossing," he said.

"It’s not reasonable to expect children and older people to rush across the road before a car reaches them. I actually think this is a really good example of a local partnership: the National Trust, Lacock Parish Council, the Area Transport Group and Wiltshire Council all working together to agree the project and provide the funding. Tweaks and adjustments can be made as appropriate, but the concept is sound and the safety of pedestrians is most important.”

A spokesman for the National Trust said: "The design includes lighting for safe crossing in the dark. The National Trust asked Wiltshire Council to look at the options for making the existing road crossing from the car park safer and they recommended a zebra crossing. Requests of this nature need to be made through local authorities, in this case, the parish council.

"However, as the majority of users will be National Trust visitors walking from the car park to the village, the Trust has agreed to reimburse Lacock Parish Council its contribution of the installation. The zebra crossing is working well, giving a safe crossing in to the village for visitors and the local community."