Fly tippers dumped unsightly and damaging bags of rubbish beside the River Avon at Christian Malford on Wednesday last week.

Roger High, who goes fishing in the area, said the litter was not there when he arrived at about 7.30am - but when he returned a few hours later, he saw the four bags and the spilled litter.

"It's a common problem in the anglers' car park next to the road bridge," he said. "I've contacted the club bailiff (Amalgamated Fisheries Ltd) and another member informed the council. The club is now considering a lockable gate. My thoughts - it just makes me sad to see complete lack of respect for nature and the countryside."

Wiltshire Council has been able to issue fixed penalty notices of £400 since 2016 for the small-scale tipping of household waste, contrary to environmental legislation. The change provided local authorities with a more efficient and proportionate response to small-scale fly-tipping of waste. The maximum penalties for fly-tipping are a £50,000 fine and/or 12 months imprisonment.