DALEKS invaded Chippenham on Sunday, but were just nine too few to exterminate the World Record for the most daleks in one place.

Despite the dalek shortfall, Dr Who fans flocked to The Gathering at the Olympiad, enjoying a chance to celebrate the long life, and multiple times, of the popular Time Lord.

The convention was organised by a group called the Sons of Skaro. Formed in 2016, the Sons are a group of Dalek builders, owners and enthusiasts who decided they would put their Daleks together to form a charity fund raising group. Since then, they have attended close to 100 events raising money for charity.

As well as the Guinness world record attempt, The Gathering had a line-up of Dr Who celebrity guests, including Colin Baker, who played the sixth incarnation of Dr Who, as well as Nicola Bryant, Terry Molloy, David Gooderson, Ross Mullan, Michael Jayston, Simon Fisher-Becker, Colin Spaull and Nabil Shaban.

The event was the dream of Dean Stoner and Robert Cowley, who began the whole event with the ambition of creating the largest gathering of Daleks in the world. They secured the venue and spread the word about the world record attempt.

“We were totally overwhelmed by the response,” said Robert. “We eventually managed to secure our amazing selection of guests that we are both so very, very proud of, and terribly thankful to for their generosity."

He said both Colin Baker and Nabil Shaban donated all profits and photoshoot money to the charity.

Dean added: “For this we are eternally grateful. Some people are really amazing!”

When the day of Dalek destiny dawned, they had more than enough Daleks registered to break the record.

“We were more than confident that we would do it,” Robert said.

But by 9.30am, they had 73 full size Daleks and 14 Cosplayers dressed as Daleks - making them nine Daleks short of the world record.

"We both just looked at each other," Dean said. "Let’s give it another 15 minutes. We waited for some last minute knights in Dalek armour. They didn’t appear.

"We had more full size Daleks in one room than had ever been gathered in the world ever, but we were not going to break the record.”

But they had some consolation knowing they had the greatest number of full size Daleks in one room ever in the world - whether Guinness approved or not. Attendees also enjoying meeting the celebrity guests, talks, Q&As, cosplay competitions, and workshops. Over the past year the Sons of Skaro has also raised in excess of £6000 for charity, in support of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and Julia’s House Hospice.

"There’s not really much to complain about," Robert said. "Here’s to The Gathering II in 2020!"