RICHIE Wellens has withdrawn Kyle Knoyle’s contract offer after he failed to reach an agreement with the club within a set deadline, though the Town boss is still keen to ensure the right-back remains a part of his squad for the 2019-20 season.

Knoyle, 22, was allowed three weeks by Wellens to either agree or reject the Town boss’ 2019-20 contractual offer.

But the former West Ham youngster has so far done neither.

Should he opt to remain in Wiltshire next season, Wellens confirmed that Knoyle's salary at Town will be less than the offer that was originally put in front of him - as a direct result of his half-hearted commitment to the club. 

The 39-year-old is still hopeful he can tie down Town’s promising right-back. However, Wellens won’t allow himself to play second fiddle to rival clubs looking to snap up out-of-contract Knoyle.

Wellens said: “Kyle Knoyle didn’t sign the contract before the deadline, so I pulled the contract away from Kyle during our end-of-season meetings.

“At the moment, Kyle won’t be staying. But he has been speaking on the phone to me.

“What I didn’t Kyle to do was for him to hold me to ransom – I don’t want his agent emailing other clubs what we have offered him in an attempt to try and get a better deal somewhere else.

“I am not comfortable with that.

“Therefore, I have said to Kyle that the deal we offered him is no longer on the table.

“But, from the conversations I am having with Kyle, he is still likely to stay. We’ll see if we can negotiation something else and come to a conclusion.

“If not, I’m comfortable that there are other right backs and full backs out there that can suit the way I play in terms of having that quality when the ball goes out to those areas.”

Dion Conroy is also yet to commit his future to Swindon Town, despite being offered a fresh contract by the club several weeks ago.

Conroy is currently out of the country on holiday, and Wellens has found contacting the 23-year-old tough since he has been away from home.

“I gave both players a deadline, I’ve unfortunately been unable to get hold of Dion (Conroy) – he has been away on holiday,” said Wellens.

“Negotiations were ongoing prior to that, in terms of what financial package we could put together. We’re just waiting on a call back.”

Delays to both players signing up to the club’s 2019-20 campaign does not concern boss Wellens, however he stated Knoyle in particular will benefit from guaranteed game time at Swindon should he choose to remain with the squad.

Wellens added: “I don’t want to put players in a corner, but when I’ve offered a deal three weeks before the deadline – I think that’s long enough for a decision to be made.

“Kyle has come on leaps and bounds, and therefore – as a manager – you want some reward back off the player. We’re not talking about thousands of pounds difference between contracts, we’re talking the odd hundred pounds here and there.

“It’s more important for Kyle at this stage of his career to play 40 plus games next season. His CV will look good because of that, and then he can move his career on.

“Maybe in the next couple of weeks we can come to a different deal and get something sorted.”