CONGESTION on the Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate in Chippenham is costing businesses money and stifling trade, say traders.

Justin Pickford, of Faresaver bus company on the estate, said the situation was an ‘accident waiting to happen’ due to poor traffic management.

He cited widespread illegal parking on double yellow lines and the pavements making the roads single lane, traffic held up in the rush hour at the roundabout on the A350 and the estate having having just one entrance.

The county council told Leigh Hambly of Arkwell Automotives that a ‘wider fix’ needed approval from the Sub National Transport Body, the regional body tasked with tackling infrastructure issues.

A Wiltshire Council spokesperson said: “One of our proposed bids to government under the Major Roads Network funding, is for a scheme to complete the duelling of A350 around Chippenham. If successful, the scheme will include changes to the alignment to improve flow of traffic exiting the estate.

“The MRN bids will be considered by Western Gateway Sub-national Transport Body later this month, and will be submitted to government in July. A decision from government is likely to be received early next year.”

But Mr Hambly said action was need now. He said: “The priority is to police the estate with enforcement of parking restrictions, repainting of faded yellow lines and prevent trucks and cars from parking on the pavement.”

Mr Pickford added: “It can take up to 45 minutes to travel a few hundred metres due to the traffic backing up from the exit.”

Darren Lee Davies of Norman E Webb Transport said: “The current exit road that’s blocked onto Frogwell should be reopened for a limited period such as two hours on weekdays, for the rush hour and for cars only.”

The Chamber of Commerce described the situation as “as very frustrating,” as it affected business on the estate.