YOUNG children are bridging the generation gap in Chippenham by visiting residents at Cepen Lodge Care Home.

Ali Dyer, 39, who organise the visits for the home said each month they have different theme with the next one on July 1, with a beach party.

The idea is to give the children of Pewsham Child Minding Group a chance to meet the residents who range in age of 69 to 102, with some suffering from dementia.

"I'm a dementia champion," said Ali, "I was keen to get people to come and meet the residents.

"The residents get a lot out of the stay and play sessions are popular with this month it is a teddy bear picnic theme."

The parents of the children have been very supportive she said.

"I put out feelers and the playgroup responded," she said, "It started this year back in January.

"I used to be a nursery nurse so I was keen for children aged two to five to meet the residents and interact with them."