SHREK the Musical is lighting the stage green at the Theatre Royal this week in Bath, as the Bath Light Orchestra Group BLOG bring the dysfunctional fairytale blockbuster to life.

Shrek and Donkey meet an array of hilarious characters as they travel from Shrek's swamp to the picturesque town of Duloc, via a dragon's fiery lair.

The costumes were fantastic and helped bring the funny characters to life, whether that was the ridiculous Lord Farquaad pouncing around stage or the loveable side kick Donkey.

The staging of the show was also really impressive. It must be a challenge moving a cult film like the 2001 Oscar-winning DreamWorks Animation onto the stage but this did not detract from any of the action scenes, for example when Shrek sets out to rescue Princess Fiona only to be met by a fire breathing dragon.

BLOG is one of just 19 amateur societies given the licence to perform the musical in 2019, and it was a challenge they had obviously worked tirelessly to perfect.

One of the best dance moments was the chorus performance of What’s Up Duloc, as the Lord himself makes a dazzling entrance.

George Miles, playing Shrek, was the mean and green Ogre with a big soft heart and his unlikely friendship with Donkey, played by Ryan Hughes, was made stronger by their comic timing on stage.

Princess Fiona, played by Lizzie Andrews and Dragon, played by Grace Baxter had fantastic vocals, with an array of songs that might be new to fans of the Dreamworks Picture.

Produced to professional standards by a dedicated behind-the-scenes team from Bath Light Operatic Group, Shrek The Musical is directed and choreographed by David Baxter and features a live orchestra under the baton of musical director Matthew Finch. The forty-strong company - who are aged from seven to seventy-five years - hail from Bath, Trowbridge, Bradford-on-Avon, Midsomer Norton, Frome, Melksham and Saltford.

It is hard to write too much without spoiling the endless comical moments on stage for others but if you see the show you can be sure to be entertained by the cast of this all singing all dancing production.