Steven Benda – 7.5

Came out to meet crosses well. Distribution was quick and well thought. Some cracking saves also, goal was a stretch too far.

Rob Hunt – 5.5

Had a tough task dealing with the all-action Danny Mayor and Callum McFadzean. Passes were hit and miss, but defended soundly at times. Responsible for goal, though.

Mathieu Baudry – 6.5

A couple of sloppy giveaways, but equally some nice switches of play. Controlled possession well, dragged slightly out of play for Argyle’s goal.

Gabriel Zakuani – 6.5

Struck to his man well and defended soundly. Won headers well, a solid no nonsense performance to back up his debut.

Dion Donohue – 6

Drafted in at quick notice, was calm on the ball with some solid passing. Could prove handy if Fryers and Iandolo remain Wellens’ back up options.

Anthony Grant – 7.5

Worked relentlessly, was there to win second balls and spark chances. Survived a first half knock to continue.

Jordan Lyden – 6

A number of unsuccessful balls forward early on. Composed himself and proved a nuisance at times in midfield. 

Lloyd Isgrove – 6

Twisted and turned to deliver a number of crosses, chucked in a couple of runs too. The odd pass was misplaced. Subbed.

Keshi Anderson – 5

Didn’t seem fit. His strong early work rate quickly faded to prompt his substitution. Sprints were missing – perhaps costing Town a goal.

Jerry Yates – 6

Received the ball plenty. But often closed down, was marked well and it had an impact on his contribution to the game.

Eoin Doyle – 7

Well taken goal, and some nice light touches on the edge of the area to mix things up.


Michael Doughty – 4.5

Energy and pace weren’t there. A poor cross perhaps summed up his game. Quickly dropping down Wellens’ pecking order.

Kaiyne Woolery – 5

Dragged a shot wide that should’ve hit the target. Refused to run forward when a ball was punted into the penalty area. One to forget.