A COUPLE facing a £500-plus bill to fix their car after thieves targeted them for a car part are warning others not to fall victim to the catalytic converter thieves.

Adetokundo Sarako, 55 and his wife Sophia, from Chippenham, came back to their car, a Toyota Auris Hybrid, after shopping at Hathaway retail park at the weekend to find the engine not running correctly.

They had had the catalytic converter stolen from their exhaust, because of the precious metal inside - replacing it will cost £450 plus labour.

Mr Sarako, who has reported the theft to police, said: “When we got back to the car, we noticed that the engine was growling. Initially, I thought I had done something when I parked it but then someone pointed out there’s something hanging out the back.”

“We worry we’re going to be targeted again as we don’t know if it was by chance or if they were waiting for someone with this type of car. It is also a concern we were followed as the thieves don’t have a conscience about what they’re doing.

“It was broad daylight and other people might be targeted. People should park where it is populated and be more vigilant.”