CAT lover Jessica Getty is trying to keep up her hopes that her giant spotty Bengal will be found.

Kahlo, who is not used to being outdoors, escaped through a window of Ms Getty's flat in the Brittox, Devizes during the early hours of October 13.

The heartbroken owner said: "He has never been outside on his own before. He is solely an indoor cat. He is microchipped but isn't wearing a collar.

"He is a large cat, around 6kgs. He has spotted markings on his body and stripes on his legs. He has large ears and a slender build. So he is very distinctive. If he is seen I'm sure someone would recognise that he isn't your average outdoor cat."

She has owned Kahlo, who is now three, since he was six months old. She said: "He was very timid at first but is now the complete opposite.

"He is massively missed. Bengal cats are truly part of the family, they're like having a dog or toddler. They are very active, very vocal, super involved.

"The house is super quiet and empty without him. My other cat, a ragdoll, is really confused, meowing all the time which is so sad. I am totally heartbroken, which seems silly to say about a cat, but he is a such a big part of my home, he is always right next to me whatever I'm doing."

She has posted pleas for help on social media and received a number of possible sightings and has spent hours searching for him in the areas mentioned but without luck.

She said: "I have been out searching around the entire centre of Devizes every night, until 1am, hoping to see him whilst it is quiet and focusing on Quakers Walk area at the moment.

"I have put up more than 40 posters around Devizes, and that has resulted in the calls I've received. Facebook has also been a massive help, with people sharing the posts and contacting me with advice.

"All the vets in the area are aware he is missing, as well as the microchip company and there is a website where you can report a lost pet and it will alert other users in your area of the details.

"I haven't heard anything since Saturday though now so I am going to keep putting posters up where I can and hope someone sees him."

If you spot Kahlo contact Jessica on 07817 402525.