If you are worried about your drinking, or that of your friends or family, experts will be on hand to help next week.

For Alcohol Awareness Week, staff from charity Turning Point will be at the Brunel Shopping Centre in Swindon Town centre on Thursday November 14.

The pop-up stall will be at the Emery shopping centre in Chippenham on Tuesday 12, and The Shires in Trowbridge on Wednesday 13.

They will be showing people how much they are really drinking using glasses with unit measures and advising on how to get help.

They will also give suggestions about how to broach the tricky subject of somebody else's excessive drinking.

Senior engagement at prevention worker Alex Cattelona said: "It's important to recognise in Wiltshire that many of us are causing problems for ourselves and others. We don't want to stop anyone having fun, but for many the fun has stopped and we want to help them get that fun back by helping them through problems with alcohol."