IN the second of a three-part interview with Glenn Hoddle, we discuss Swindon Town’s promotion to the Premier League and his relationship with John Gorman.

THERE was great interest from Chelsea, but at the same time promotion to win with Swindon Town.

Glenn Hoddle’s mind understandably spun off-field. But on it, it excelled.

As Town’s Premier League promotion credentials strengthened, so did the Blues’ interest in the then 36-year-old player-manager.

After defeating Tranmere 5-4 on aggregate in the First Division play-off semi-final, Hoddle opened the gateway to Town’s first – and still to this day only – season in the top flight.

But think about it. Hoddle had a huge task in front of him in your full-time role, but knew a bigger – and let’s face it – more successful employer wanted his services too.

Credit therefore to Hoddle for displaying exemplary traits of patience, skill and professionalism.

He said: “Chelsea were interested, and they’d been interested for quite some time.

“The play-offs came, and it was towards the end of that season that Chelsea showed real intent. But I had other things on my mind at that time to deal with and cope with.

“Getting Swindon Town into the Premier League was always my priority at that time, we had a long, hard season and had been through plenty of ups and downs since I had been there.

“I think the fans felt an injustice after winning promotion a few years earlier, let’s not forget that. It was almost like we were going full cycle again.

“Getting into the Premier League was not only a big thing for the club but you felt there was a certain justice done. It was a test for me to keep my head down and continue with the promotion push, eventually we did it – though it was an incredible game of football.”

A key part of Hoddle’s success at Swindon Town was Scottish-born ex-defender John Gorman, a man he later worked with during his reign as England boss.

Gorman and Hoddle worked like clockwork on the training ground. But off it, Hoddle admits himself and Gorman were two different characters.

Trust was a word the BT Sport pundit alluded to frequently during this part of the conversation. It would seem that trust between both men was evident for all within the club to see.

He added: “John (Gorman) and myself were close friends and had a similar way of how we liked the game to be played.

“There was trust, massive trust. John’s enthusiasm was incredible, and it always has been for football regardless of the club he has worked for.

“When I got the opportunity to join Swindon, I knew John was the man I wanted by my side.

“We worked with trust and so well together. Everyone at the club could see these two different characters working hand in hand, that’s why it worked so well.”

Hoddle will return to Swindon on Tuesday, January 14, for ‘An Evening With Glenn Hoddle’.

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