A family coach and therapeutic practitioner now offers 1-1 coaching sessions for parents helping them to safeguard the emotional well-being of their children.

Deborah John, of the parenting organisation Play Healing in Melksham, has also uploaded some YouTube videos called Managing Tech for Emotional Health.

Mrs John, 38, of Forest Road, Melksham, said: “One of the main challenges facing British parents today is the significant presence of technology in the home.

“Devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers can be life-enhancing, yet for some children, they can have a damaging impact on behaviour, sleeping patterns, educational achievement and well-being.”

“At Play Healing, we combine the healing power of play with the latest research and knowledge about technology and its effect on emotional health.”

She says her YouTube videos are helping parents to manage tech in the home using creativity and participation.

For more information, visit https://www.playhealing.com/ or email Mrs John at playhealing@outlook.com