A TEENAGE girl, who was sexually assaulted by a middle-aged man, must wait until after Christmas to find out what his sentence will be.

Aerial photographer Michael Winning, 57, of Mildenhall, near Marlborough pleaded guilty to the attack when he appeared at Salisbury Magistrates Court earlier in October and was first due to be sentence on November 5.

But it was then decided the case was too serious to be dealt with by magistrates and was sent to Crown Court. Winning was due to be sentenced on Friday but the case was once again put back because of the court’s workload and now he will not be sentenced until January 23.

In October the mother of Winning’s victim told the Gazette the whole family had been living a nightmare since her then 16-year-old daughter was assaulted at the home of a friend in Marlborough in 2018.

Her mother said: “I am not a vindictive person and I don’t want revenge. But I want to make sure that people know about what has happened and it doesn’t happen to anyone else.”