LAST week we brought you the news that a car park in Chippenham will close for 11 months as plans to build a multi-storey replacement are going ahead.

Sadlers Mead, next to the Olympiad Leisure Centre, will be shut from January 10. . During the building work, the Emery Gate car park, which has a total of 342 spaces, will be open from 6am-10pm daily to accommodate those needing to park early. See a sketch of the multi-storey car park pictured.


Samantha Williams: So after two months of no swimming lessons I’m going to have to walk my daughter in the dark past all the drunks and druggies at the back of Emery Gate to finally get to her swimming lesson. Build the car park on the old college car park. Council are a joke. One road in and out and you want to put more traffic in Monkton park.

Clare Cape: As I’ve said before - every car in that car park will be a car jamming up Station Hill.

Delia Shepherd: Only another 70 parking spaces ....and how much per space is this costing when normally a space is just the price of the tarmac, is the builder a mate of someone in planning or budget dept?

THE elderly owner of the Hedgehog Hotel near Corsham has appealed for someone to take over the running of the rescue hospital.

Hedgehog rescuer, 81-year-old Kim Goodridge, has run the centre at Rudloe, near Corsham, for the past 14 years but is now appealing for someone to take it on.

Steve Hulbert: Fantastic lady I had the pleasure to meet a few years ago after finding an abandoned hoglet named Malcolm. I wish her a happy retirement and that someone can be found to take on this rewarding task.

Maria Kiff: I would love to do this.

Rhiannon Joyce: I would love to do it but wouldn’t have the time. I hope someone takes over and keeps it running. The hedgies need us to help.

A MAN who dumped rubbish on MoD land in Wiltshire has been fined £400.

He was also ordered to clear up all the waste left on land near Tidworth.

Wiltshire Council has also issued its sixth household duty of care notice to a man from Warminster for failing to check the licence details of a person whom he paid to take waste away.

The waste was subsequently found fly-tipped on MoD land on Salisbury Plain.

David Wood: I don’t get why people cant just go along to the local recycling centre. The bits surely could have fitted in their grey bin?!

Mark Loader: A ban on certain trailers at tips means I have to try and fit it in the car - councils are so backward thinking they drive the flytipping I’m afraid.

Darlene Wordley: I have never queued very long at tips.

DEVIZES School wants to sell off nearly six acres of its school playing field as housing land to help pay for a £2.3 million facelift.

Head Phil Bevan told staff yesterday that six weeks of consultation are to start on the scheme to sell the 5.7 acres that border Nursteed Road which at that moment is used as two sports pitches.

Saj Nick: The whole school needs replacing! Was in there Thursday evening and it’s old fashioned!The pupils and teachers deserve much better facilities.

Matt Mxzone Greenland: Why not invest money into the land for housing for the local Community and reap the rewards for a life time by renting the houses out and benefit the school! Once you sell the land and spend the money it’s gone for ever! Very short sighted ,

Ben Niamor: What happens when they run of grounds to sell..?

Amanda Attwood: I think it would be better to make better use of the land by the school, not make an already crowded town centre more so. We already have problems with traffic and this will just make it worse.