Salisbury Plain and the ancient pre historic landscape of Wiltshire is the inspiration behind a new children's book.

Biffy and the Barrow has just been published by children’s author Cara Louise.

Cara wrote the story from memories of driving through Salisbury Plain with her family as a child.

She was fascinated by the Bronze Age burial mounds which line the road en route to the West Country and remembers peering through the car window excitedly when the ancient mounds came into view.

Biffy and the Barrow tells the story of a young boy who has a special affinity with “the fairy folk” who live inside a Bronze Age barrow. Biffy is afraid of the thuggish Jacko and his gang who trash the burial mound by racing their motorcycles across it. Biffy predicts there will be trouble as the barrow dwellers will not stand for the sacrilege inflicted on their home. Cara Louise, who has published 18 children’s books, based on ancient mysteries and one adult novel, an archaeological thriller,