A PAIR of scaffolders say they will never go back to a Wetherspoon's pub in Chippenham after being served uncooked meat.

Jack Wajtknecht, 24, and his brother, Josh, 26 went to The Bridge House pub in Borough Parade, for breakfast on Friday.

They both ordered a large mixed grill with a drink at £12.35 each and waited for their meals to arrive.

But the steaks were under-cooked, despite asking for them to be well done, and the pork chop was still raw.

Mr Wajtknecht, of Peasedown St John, said: “We had asked for our steaks to be well done but they came out with blood on them. We sent them back straight away.

“We also had some pork in the meal and that was not even cooked. It looked as though they had slapped it on the grill and taken it straight off.

“I had a bit of it in my mouth and I had to spit it out. It was disgusting.”

Mr Wajtknecht and his brother went into Chippenham to grab breakfast while taking a break from work.

Mr Wajtknecht added: “I complained to the manager about the food and he reimbursed our money.

“The manager said the chef was ‘having a bad day’ but he shouldn’t be taking it out on other people.

“If we had ordered fish, it could have been even worse. We could have got food poisoning.

“We thought it would be alright as it’s a Wetherspoons pub and is only about four miles away from where we’re working.

“For the manager to say the chef is having a bad day is appalling. We would never go there again.

“The pub did not really seem clean. We sat down at a table and we had to clear it. It was full of stuff from the people who had sat there before us.”

A Wetherspoon spokesman said: “The two young males ordered two mixed grills at the bar, insisting that the steaks were cooked ‘well done’, if not they would be sent back.

“A staff member served the food to the table, they cut the steak straight away, but were not happy with how it was cooked.

“Staff apologised and offered to replace both meals, but the customers asked for just the steaks to be re-cooked.

“The customers, subsequently, raised another issue regarding meat being under cooked.

“Staff apologised again and offered a full refund and a fresh meal. The refund was accepted, but fresh food was declined by the customers.”