WESTWOOD pod are trying to be more sustainable by giving Central Fruits in Trowbridge Market receive twenty five Morsbag.

The Morsbag project is an international project aiming to get five million bags made and given out , worldwide.

Jo Meggs, founder of Westwood pod, said: "Karen and I have set up a Westwood pod , making free bags for life from fabric that would other wise be destined for landfill.

"People pass fabric along to us from all sorts of places and people. We have been given fabric sample books, old curtains and duvets, end of roll of fabric from interior designers. Everyone involved is very keen that their old fabric is re-used rather than ending up in landfill. The bags are given then out free of charge, in the place of plastic bags."

"Matt and Shane have been very pleased to receive the Morsbags to hand out to their customers in place of large plastic bags. They use small paper bags but have been unable to source large, strong alternatives to plastic bags, so Morsbags are an ideal solution.

" Customers have been quite taken aback to be given a well made, attractive bag for life for free."