THIS week we brought the news to you that Wiltshire’s first suspected case of coronavirus has been spotted by alert medics in Bradford on Avon, closing the town’s GP surgery.

It is understood a man visited the surgery yesterday morning reporting symptoms similar to coronavirus, and staff promptly locked the doors, treating the patient while reassuring other sick people there was no risk to their health and the surgery was taking the precautions advised by NHS England.

The UK currently has 13 people who have tested positive and are being treated for coronavirus, none of whom are from Wiltshire, with over 6,500 tests carried out nationwide.

Here is what you said on Facebook:

Julie Davies-Brokas: Let’s not get carried away with this because people will start panicking. The symptoms are virtually the same as a bad cold, Flu or even allergies and there is a bigger death rate in connection with Flu. There have been thousands tested on suspension of Coronavirus and ONLY NINE confirmed cases in the UK and far less than 10% die. Let be cautious and not panic stricken !

Darren Joyce: There’s a virus going around with almost identical symptoms, sore throat, cold, fever headaches etc, it’s been doing the rounds for 6 months. No need to panic yet.

Izabela Holloway: Bloody hell...which part from stay at home and call your surgery people don’t get it??for god sake.

Myla Collings: Is it surprising when 2 groups of people with it have been offloaded here!!

Toni Foster: What the help was someone doing going to the surgery!!!! How stupid can you get, you stay at home and call for advice, how can we be sure it’s safe to go the surgery.

Clare Crooks: Probably not. Symptoms are very similar to a RSV going about at the moment. Still a good reminder to call 111 not go to the GP, cough into sleeves not hands and practice good hygiene.

Stuart Remmy: This spreads the Great fear about this there is nothing to worry about here we have in general good health so its unlikely to effect the population on the UK we have 13 cases confirmed all in quarantine people.just need to stop being stupid and think.

Zara Rowlands: More than likely be negative just like the case in frome recently! Shouldn’t be shared until confirmed as scaremongering otherwise.

Cath Neathey: doesn’t our Health Centre look shabby.

Jo Cleverley: Oh for the love of god!!

Jane Keates: Crikey I was in there yesterday morning.

Viv Holloway: Information states STAY AWAY from surgery and hospitals.People are stupid.

Abbey Brine: Just a precaution.

Earlier on in the week we reported that a plane carrying British people who were trapped in quarantine on a coronavirus-hit cruise ship in Japan for more than two weeks was on its way to Wiltshire. The plane flew into the Boscombe Down military base and passengers were then bussed to a quarantine centre on The Wirral for a further 14 days isolation.

Here’s what you had to say:

Jemma Brown: So ODD they’re coming to Wiltshire to then travel ALL the way to The Wirral. a) is there nowhere closer and b) poor them having travelled all that way to then have another massive journey in a coach! Feels like poor and odd planning.

Caryn June Morrissey: How about leave them there until they don’t test positive anymore because you idiots are the one risking the spreading of it.

Brill Phady: It’s just a bit of flu.

Trudy Kelly: Such cruel comments - if you read the article you will know these people will be taken straight to an isolation centre - they have already been isolation scared stiff they would contract the virus on this ship for over 2 weeks. Think how you would feel if you just went on holiday and this happened to you? There is no risk to the public - just read the news - you have way more chance of catching normal flu.

Elisa Amor: Apparently flu kills more people every year but the news isn’t interested in that. If your worried just up your personal hygiene... wash hands etc.

Russell Barnett: We don’t want um here.

Caryn June Morrissey: How about leave them there until they don’t test positive anymore because you idiots are the one risking the spreading of it.

Daniel J Carr: We should be taking the same steps as North Korea with anyone connected to the virus.