MICHAEL Doughty’s tweaked role at the heart of the Swindon Town midfield might not be sexy, but he’s embracing the hard yards.

This season has seen the 27-year-old moved into a deeper midfield position compared to his top-scoring term last time out at the tip of a midfield trio.

Despite this, Doughty has still managed one goal and seven assists from his 34 games.

Though it might be a more attritional job, in his own words, Doughty feels a more complete midfielder for his combination of experience in Town colours.

“I’m enjoying it. If I look back at the 250-odd games I’ve played in my career I’ve probably played more in that position than anywhere else,” Doughty said.

“At Swindon, fans know me more in a forward role which is a role I enjoy and can be productive in terms of goals and assists.

“This year I’m enjoying all parts of it. I think it’s helped me become a more rounded footballer.

“It’s certainly attritional sometimes, not always that sexy so to speak, but the fact we’re winning games is the main thing.

“To be a part of that and to have the trust of the manager and my fellow team-mates to go out there every week is a great feeling.”

With the arrival of Anthony Grant in September, he and Doughty have reformed their midfield duo from two seasons ago at Peterborough United.

Playing to each other’s abilities, the two have been a vital part in driving Swindon to the top of the League Two table.

Not that Doughty has been allowed any complacency by his midfield stablemates.

“Anthony and I started the partnership when we were at Peterborough together,” he said.

“We were nostalgically reminiscing about our time there and our time here.

“I can’t remember too many games where we’ve lost together. Hopefully that’s a good omen and we complement each other well.

“It was a similar feeling at Peterborough. When I played with him, I felt his skillset and ability and determination balanced the stuff that I bring.

“The reality is that not only Granty, we’ve had Rosey (Danny Rose) in there winning games, the likes of Jordan (Lyden), so we’re blessed in central midfield and that’s pushed me.

“With regards to Granty and the way the team ethic is going, it’s certainly a squad effort. The pressing and all the stuff we’re renowned for has been a real strength and a positive.”