SWINDON Town manager Richie Wellens has suggested a two-week break from all football would be the best way to avoid playing games in empty stadiums due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The British government is reportedly set to reveal a plan which forces all English professional clubs to play their games behind closed doors until further notice in order to combat the spread of the virus.

But while Wellens says the most important thing is the safeguarding of the general public’s health, the 39-year-old believes a temporary halt on fixtures would cause less harm to clubs who rely on ticket sales as a significant part of their income.

He said: “It’s obviously a unique situation, and I don’t think anything like this has happened for a long, long time.

“Is playing sport behind closed doors the way forward? Financially – definitely not, especially for Championship clubs and below.

“I would imagine ticket money that comes in is a big part of most clubs’ income, so we’ll just have to wait for the authorities to make a decision and go by that.

“What I think should happen is we have a two-week break, try and contain it as much as we can and make sure people stay healthy because that is the most important thing.

“But because the Football League season finishes in April this year and the Premier League season doesn’t finish until May 17, the EFL has got another few weeks to put plans in place.

“I just can’t see how playing games behind closed doors is beneficial to anyone.”

If the ruling is brought in, Swindon’s trip to Stevenage could be played at an empty Broadhall Way next Tuesday night before a home game against Crawley Town on the subsequent Saturday follows suit.

When asked whether Wellens considers himself a part of the postponement camp as opposed to the empty stadia camp, he said: “The reason why we play this sport and the reason why I manage this football club is to get the very best results for Swindon Town supporters.

“And to put on a good team so the supporters can enjoy our performances and we can enjoy success together.

“I don’t particularly want to go to games where there is only myself, the staff, the chairman and directors and the two teams. I don’t think it’s right.”