With such difficult times for so many people across the globe, a Wiltshire charity is asking people to donate a little money to buy soap for Kenyans to help prevent coronavirus.

Chippenham-based WellBoring, which has provided safe water to 100,000 people in Africa, is marking World Water Day 2020 by launching workshops in Kenya to promote proper hand washing.

A spokesman for the charity said: "As UK residents know, access to soap is essential for washing your hands for 20 seconds to help prevent the risk of infection by COVID-19. WellBoring has already created more than 100 wells in Kenya and Uganda, the water used for drinking and hygiene in the form of ‘tippy taps’. Now it needs soap.

"While schools may be closed, the wells created by the charity remain open to their communities and it is important people continue to use them and avoid river water. Enough soap for 300 homes will be distributed at each small-scale briefing for teachers and health providers this week. Numbers at the briefings will be limited to avoid large numbers of people gathering in one place and last an hour. Attendees will then educate their communities on deep hand washing and distribute soap."

WellBoring chairman, Nigel Linacre said: “There is a lot of worry here in the UK at the moment, with people rightly concerned about their health and finances. So we wouldn’t ask for donations unless it was lifesaving. But just a one-off donation of £3 could do just that: save lives by buying soap for 10 families. In the time it takes to wash your hands, you can make a charitable donation via Paypal and help someone wash theirs as well.”

WellBoring is one of Britain’s fastest-growing water charities and at the end of 2019 had dug its hundredth well. Donate to #SoapForSchools via Paypal.