A TEENAGER who went through gruelling chemotherapy in her battle against lymphatic cancer has put herself through another tough challenge to raise money for the charity that helped her.

Kira O’Connor-Fitzgerald, 18, who was treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma for three years before being given the all clear in July 2019, spent June doing 3,000 press ups to Raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The Royal Wootton Bassett Academy student who wants to become a doctor, said: “I owe them so much because I was going through so many side effects both during and after chemotherapy.

“My life had come to a halt when I was diagnosed, my treatment made me feel absolutely horrendous. I felt so low because I had to shut myself away and not see anyone but they helped me through that.”

Kira of Freshbrook said being given the all clear from cancer was the best news she’d ever had in her life. “I can remember sitting in the waiting room at Great Western Hospital and I was on my own because I didn’t want to drag any of my family members out of work.

“I was so anxious about what they were going to say, I was shaking, and they so casually said I was cancer free. I was just speechless, I called my friend right away and I just cried down the phone to her. It was the best feeling, just a sense of relief that I can put this all behind me and move on.”

The push up challenge was the biggest physical test she has faced since treatment. “It’s been tough and very challenging but I’ve enjoyed it. I’m not a physically fit person, but I had chemotherapy not that long ago and it completely ruined my immune system. This has helped me to gain that strength back,” she said.

“It’s an incredible feeling to have accomplished this, I feel very proud of myself at doing 3,000 push-ups in 30 days.”

Kira lost her mum Maureen to sepsis but dad Michael was there to see her efforts. “When he heard what I was doing he was ecstatic, he thought it was such a good idea and for such a good cause. He was really proud when I completed all the push-ups.

“He was devastated when I was diagnosed with cancer, he was completely shocked, he didn’t know what to do.

“Once the treatment started working it got better for us all and when I was given the all clear he was over the moon.”

So far she has raised £200.

Kira said: “I feel amazing that I’ve raised this much for such a good cause. I know where the money will go to as I like many others have been at the receiving end of it. I’m just so happy I’ve raised this much for the charity.

Now she wants to redo her A levels and become a doctor. “I want to help people like I have been helped, I’ve always loved science but this gives me the chance to treat people and help them,” she said.

To donate to Kira’s effort visit facebook.com/donate/703656067115773