Burton author Amanda Read released her debut novel this summer and was delighted to find it receiving five-star reviews.

Lost & Waiting tells of Evangeline, a modern-day botanist who discovers the journal of an intrepid Victorian plant hunter. Their stories intertwine as she follows in his footsteps on a hunt for the mythical World Tree.

The author was inspired by the myth of the World Tree to highlight the devastating environmental impact of deforestation, and the importance of plant conservation.

Amanda held a Royal Horticultural Society Fellowship through which she trained in plant diversity at the University of Reading, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the Natural History Museum, London.

More recently, she was awarded the MA in Creative Writing, with distinction, from Bath Spa University. Originally from Bristol, she has lived in Wiltshire for over twenty years.

One reviewer said: ‘The novel bridges past, present and mythical worlds with an energy and eloquence that educates and seriously entertains.’

For more information and to buy Lost & Waiting visit Amanda’s website: http://www.amandaread.net/.