COUNTRY rock musician Stuart Rolfe and his group, the Daylight Stealers, have released a new Extended Play CD to raise cash for the Springboard charity which helps the families of children with special needs.

The new EP, No Gas Lost Roads, came out on Friday on all streaming platforms and will be physically available on Thursday, October 1.

Each copy sold will see a £1 donation being made to Springboard Chippenham. Those who buy the CD will get five tracks, plus a bonus track called Mamma.

Mr Rolfe, 48, from Cepen Park, Chippenham, said: "We have been involved in quite a few projects with Springboard, which has to raise funds through charity, as it is not directly funded by the government.

"We have had 1,000 copies of the CD pressed and are selling them for £5 each. £1 from each one sold will be donated to Springboard Chippenham."

The CD was recorded during the Covid pandemic lockdown at the Puzzlemaker Studios in Bristol.

Mr Rolfe added: "Without their hard work and dedication to the genre this EP wouldn't have seen the light of day. They are absolutely outstanding and very professional."

The Daylight Stealers are a unique blend of musicians creating the big country sounds of Nashville.

The group is made up of a talented team of five creative musicians, three of whom are based in Wiltshire.

They are vocalist and guitarist Stuart Rolfe, from Chippenham; bassist Tyler Spicer from Holt; lead guitarist Dylan Smith from Trowbridge; drummer, Oliver Wylde from Manchester, and backing vocalist, harpist and harmonica player Daniel Perriman from Northamptonshire.

They pride themselves on their technical abilities and musical versatility, breaking country rock boundaries with their unique sound.

The band has been invited by Naheed Nenshi, the mayor of Calgary in Canada, to play at the mayor's show in October 2021.

One of the tracks on the EP is Quarter Mile, a song which is used on the Canadian TV show Heartland.

To buy a copy, go to