THE following planning applications have been decided by Wiltshire Council recently.

Westbury: Cosi at 16 Maristow Street is set to be turned into a home, following a successful planning bid by Christine Holt.

The former cafe will now become a two-bedroom house with no off-road parking.

One letter of objection was sent in regarding the bid, it raised over a lack of parking in the area. Adding that turning shops into residential properties would ruin the character of the area.

But Wiltshire Council's highways officer made no objections, stating that any parking can be provided through council permits.

The officer's report said: "The proposal would not result in any adverse on-street parking as there are sufficient on-road parking restrictions via the double yellow lines and other parking restrictions.

"Furthermore, by being a town centre site, the need for car ownership is reduced given the immediate access to services and facilities."

Trowbridge: Mr and Mrs Pearce have been granted planning permission to build a single-storey rear extension at their home at Hillside, 34 Cockhill.

Marlborough: Listed building consent has been refused to Tricia Kilsby from the Wye House Manager's Office to remove two leaning and bowed chimneys.

In their report, the officer said the removal of the chimneys would cause less than substantial harm to the historical and architectural interest of Wye House. Which is set in the Marlborough conservation area.

They added that without any public benefits to outweigh the harm, the bid was to be rejected.

Marlborough: Chris Biard of Forest View, Poulton Hill was given permission to build a second storey on an existing bungalow.

The application additionally included permission to build a front and rear extension, as well as to make internal alterations.

West Stowell: Mr and Mrs Galfe of The Gate House, West Stowell House have been given planning permission to build a single-storey side extension to create a garden room at their home.

Royal Wooton Bassett: Retrospective planning permission Mr and Mrs Webb who had built a timber cabin for use as a home office in their garden at 19 Thornhill.

Chippenham: Lyn Mccracken put in a planning bid to replace the windows at 23 Rowden Hill.

In their response, the planning officer said that prior approval for this bid was not needed and can go ahead.

Monkton Deverill: Land west of Pen Hill has been once again approved for flying model aircraft following the expiry of the temporary permission.

James Williams of Manor Farm had objected to the proposed bid. In a letter, he said: "The club points out they are operating within the right guidelines and I don't doubt they are.

"However, the real-life experience is one of intrusive noise pollution where people live and work.

"We have no problem with the peaceful enjoyment of the countryside for recreation but the noisy planes are not doing that."

Mr Williams went on to suggest a shorter licence and a condition that petrol-engined planes could not be flown.

David Scales, chief security officer for Lower Pertwood Organic Farm Ltd said that livestock can become stressed because of the noise from the planes and suggested the club 'created a sensitivity to the amount of noise that they generate'.

In their report, the planning officer wrote: "Officers acknowledge that the applicant would be willing to restrict the use of petrol-engined aircraft in the evenings in response to complaints raised by the nearby properties to 7pm in order to prevent noise disturbance in the evenings and the Council's public protection team are supportive of this."

Devizes: A change of use bid was put in by Mr and Mrs Elderfield of The Annex in Marlborough for land south of Stert.

The couple bid to change the use of the land for keeping horses and construct a stable for four horses. 26 letters of objection were received by the council detailing residents' citing concerns such as an increase in traffic to the area, a lack of on-site wellbeing facilities and that the works would eventually be for commercial use.

In terms of traffic, highways safety and parking concerns, the highways officer raised no objections to the plans.

The plans have been granted planning permission under the conditions that the stables are not used for private stabling.