HIGHWORTH Town manager Ross Adams has called on the Southern League to make a definitive decision on the fate of the season earlier than the proposed March 6 date.

The majority of semi-professional and grass roots clubs are currently in a state of limbo as the coronavirus continues to cause uncertainty around the future of football.

In the Southern League, the season has been on hold since December 4, and with no end in sight the Worthians’ boss believes the right thing to do would be to declare this season null and void – a repeat of events from the last campaign.

Speaking to Your Sport Swindon, Adams said: “The current situation is extremely frustrating from a grass-roots football perspective. It’s just up in the air all the time.

“We’ve still not been told whether the league will complete this season or not, a decision has been put off until March.

“That is another couple of months where you don’t know whether you’re going to be starting back up or you’re not.

“With it being up in the air, it would be nice to have a definite decision one way or another now.

“I believe we will see another null and void season like last year. Personally, I believe it would be the right decision.

“I think we’ve only played nine or 10 games this season, and there are a couple of clubs who have played fewer than five.

“I think the only sensible conclusion to come to would be to null and void the season.”

While Adams is clear on what he believes should happen to the league short-term, the Worthians boss is less sure on the futures of the member clubs without crowds and clubhouses to keep money coming in.

He continued: “I honestly don’t know what the impact is going to be on the league, long term.

“Unless they can get crowds back in and the clubhouses open then it is very difficult for clubs to continue.

“There is not an endless pot of money at Highworth – everything the club makes goes back into the budget. Without fans back and the clubhouse open, we (Highworth) are going to struggle, long-term.

“Highworth is a very well run club. I’d like to think we’re OK, but I don’t doubt that some clubs will struggle to come back from this.”