TRUST STFC reflect on yet another week of silence from Swindon Town Football Club following the supporter group’s calls for transparency and communication.

As we hit the run in on the pitch, and with our League One status looking increasingly precarious, this week also marks the eighth week of silence from the Swindon Town hierarchy with regard to a response to TrustSTFC’s open letter issued on the February 10.

The frustration among Swindon Town fans is growing, and understandably so.

With weeks to go this season and with performances on the pitch not really providing much of a distraction, the silence from the club re off-field concerns is deafening.

A fortnight ago, the Trust shared our reaction to Clem Morfuni’s response and called upon the other parties to step up and match Mr Morfuni’s transparency and commitment.

But yet again, those calls from the Trust, the wider fanbase, and the local community have all fallen on deaf ears.

In fact, the Trust’s time in the last two weeks has been spent dealing with questions and queries from the club’s hierarchy with regard to Mr Morfuni, while they continue to swerve any and all questions regarding the financial health, wellbeing and future vision of Swindon Town.

Furthermore, there is zero progress on the season ticket front either. We have seen plenty of clubs up and down the football pyramid share innovative, customer-centric ways of refunding and rewarding the incredible loyalty fans have shown throughout the pandemic.

Some clubs have issued full credit of the price of last season’s ticket to go towards next season. Some have simply refunded all season tickets purchased for the current campaign.

And yet again the club we all love has done nothing;

No response to the Trust’s open letter or the statements made by Clem Morfuni.

No information regarding season tickets for this year or next.

No published accounts.

No transparency, clarity or a vision for the club.

No way of fans knowing how we’re still being funded when the chairman stated we had no funding beyond February.

Next season should be one of hope, community engagement and recovery but the club appear to be more than happy to put their fingers in their ears and carry on isolating and disenfranchising the fans just when they need us most.

This must change.