A former gangster rapper was in Trowbridge on Sunday evening to talk to youngsters about the dangers of ‘thug life’.

Mutah Beale, formerly known as Napoleon, used to be part of Tupac Shakur’s famous rap group The Outlawz and featured on many of his records as well as starring in hit film Thug Life.

He has since become a practising Muslim and has moved away from the music industry and now spends his time travelling the world delivering motivational talks to young people to encourage them to take positive role models and turn away from a life of gangs, drugs and violence.

Beale was speaking at the Civic Hall in an event organised by Wiltshire Islamic Cultural Centre (WICC) with the support of Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire Police.

Shazuli Iqbal, chair of WICC, said: “It was very good, we had about 110 to 115 people. He was talking about his life and what happened in his childhood – his parents were shot dead in front of him and he got into gangs and drugs.”