IT WAS very disappointing to lose in the semi-final of the South Cup last week.

It was one of our trophies from last year and it was something we really wanted to retain.

Our third-period performances were much better in both games and that’s the level we need to be at all the time.

The way we finished our third period in Basingstoke can really motivate us and we’ll try to take that forward into this weekend.

It will be a really tough challenge this weekend as Bracknell are doing well and Peterborough are one of the contenders for the league alongside ourselves.

But we know we can beat both teams because we have done it already this year. It’s about being consistent for 60 minutes and it could really be a make or break weekend for the team.

We’ve got ten games left and ideally, we’d like to win all ten. That’s the only outcome we’re striving for.

We’re seeing this year that teams can go on big runs and big streaks and Peterborough will be looking to win their next ten and so will we, so the league title is likely to come down to who can win those head to heads.

It will probably go right down to the wire and the league could even be decided in the last weekend.

It would be massive if we could get a four-point weekend, especially against two tough teams.

We should be beating Bracknell, especially in our own building and in front of our own fans. I know Peterborough is a tough place to play, but we’ve proven that we can beat them there as well. It’s a massive weekend for us and hopefully we can get four points in the bag.

Everyone in the sport wants to play in the big games, the meaningful games.

There is a lot more excitement around it and they’re a lot more intense and enjoyable to play in.

For me, I love the play-offs, I love the cup finals and those kinds of games.

That’s why I play the sport, for those big games and those big moments. There will be a lot of big games and a lot of big moments coming up, so I’m really excited.

Traditionally, we’ve not been in this position before. It’s about keeping your head as a player and continuing to just work hard in every game.