IT WAS 366 days ago that Swindon Robins routed Poole Pirates 52-38 in Dorset to make a flying start to their 2018 SGB Premiership campaign.

A year and a day later, Alun Rossiter’s Robins went two better – recording a remarkable 53-37 win at Wimborne Road to leave Pirates fans stunned and silent.

Less than 24 hours after being held to a dramatic 45-45 draw at the Abbey Stadium, the Robins thumped Poole on their home track and are now top of the southern group in the inaugural Supporters’ Cup by two points.

The Pirates never got going this morning, and could pin blame on a track that – in the later stages of the meeting - resembled the A338 on the journey down to the south coast.

Turn one was reduced to its bare base, and Alun Rossiter’s Robins adapted to the dusty conditions better.

Skipper Jason Doyle was denied a full maximum by Nicolai Klindt’s daring ride in heat 14, as the former world champion returned from Dorset with 14 points to his name.

Tobiasz Musielak and Troy Batchelor were in their usual hot form – scoring 13+2 and 14 respectively.

Adam Ellis was another to shine and didn’t record a single last place from his five rides while guest reserve Dimitri Berge endured a turbulent – but productive – afternoon by clocking five points from four rides.

Perhaps worryingly for the rest of the league, there are holes to pick in Swindon’s performance.

Dawid Lampart retired while the visitors held a comfortable 5-1 in heat one, due to engine problems. He then suffered a fall after being passed by both Grajczonek and Kurtz in a fiery heat five.

At that moment, Robins’ lead was only four points – that figure was stretched to six by heat seven, promising you might think.

But given Rossiter’s side had one all seven of the opening heats, there was reason for travelling fans to be a little on edge.

Any nerves were cast aside in the second half of the meeting though. Pirates gifted the visitors 24 points in the concluding six heats – wrapping up a dominant 53-37 win.

Robins boss Alun Rossiter said: “It was a great team performance, and seeing the Poole riders vote for our own Dawid Lampart for heat 14 added a bit of spice to the occasion.

“You’re still going to get people moan and say it’s this and that, but the voting rule is what it is. We can’t be worried by that.

“The heat leaders are on fire at the moment, and it’s still early days – we’re not getting carried away just yet.

“But the signs are good. Dawid (Lampart) is struggling with his motors, he bought a brand new engine that he’s using for England and his potential is clear.

“He’s just struggling with machinery at the moment, but he’s assured me things will change.”

A home track which no doubt unsettled the home side played into Swindon’s hands.

And Rossiter heaped praise onto his top three of Doyle, Batchelor and Musielak for their efforts – who between them recorded 41+2 out of a possible 45 points.

He added: “The top three have done their job, it’s nice to come to Poole and beat them in their own back yard.

“It’s going to be difficult on a baking hot day like today. The track will be slick and it will be patchy.

“Those conditions always have a reverse psychological effect on the home team. The hosts expect the track to be what they are used to, and when it goes slick it does impact them.”