SWINDON Robins rider Tobiasz Musielak paid tribute to the consideration of captain Jason Doyle after the pair claimed a last-heat 5-1 that helped steal a victory at home to Wolverhampton on Thursday night.

With the Robins down by two points heading into heat 15, team manager Alun Rossiter sent Doyle and Musielak out onto the Abbey track to rescue the home side from a potentially devastating defeat.

And after the Australian hit the front early on from the inside trap, it was down to Musielak to join Doyle at the front – something that was achieved with one foul swoop moments later.

The Polish fan favourite revealed that Doyle had asked his teammate which gate he would prefer to start in and after opting for the idyllic gate three, Musielak was ultimately able to get the job done for his team.

The 25-year-old was full of emotion when describing the sequence of events that led to the Robins moving back up into fourth place in the SGB Premiership table thanks to their 46-44 victory.

Musielak said: “Firstly, I must say Jason, as the skipper, he said before the race that I have the choice of gates and gate three was brilliant, so I picked three. That’s a good job from our captain.

“It was risky because Jason was coming around the outside a lot and I liked to be on the inside.

“I looked down a couple of times and we were very close together, we almost crashed, but it was a great race.

“After the first corner, I was thinking ‘I am done’, but then I felt something on the track and the inside line was much better than in the first part of the meeting, so that was a good move.”

Following the Robins’ eighth home win in a row, Alun Rossiter’s men are set to travel up to the National Speedway Stadium in Manchester to take on Belle Vue Aces.

Musielak admitted he was excited to carry on the momentum from Thursday night’s dramatic win on track that will suit his powerful engines.

He said: “It is so busy at the moment in England, but I think we all like it, and it’s not bad to have two meetings during one week.

“I have free time in Poland now because my team didn’t reach the play-offs, so I can focus on this meeting.

“Belle Vue is a fast track, but I have quick engines, so it can be scary.”