REPLACING a British ice hockey legend between the pipes is normally a pretty tough task.

But for netminder Renny Marr, it would appear that particular assignment is not too difficult at all.

After Stevie Lyle – an inductee into the British Ice Hockey’s hall of fame – retired in 2017, the young Scot was brought in to guard the Cats’ goal, and has since gone on to win three trophies and be named in the NIHL South Second All-Star team in both full seasons.

Most would think filling the gloves of Lyle would have been daunting for the 22-year-old from Lochgelly, but Marr insists he tried not to think about being the new Stevie Lyle and instead focus on being the best Renny Marr possible instead.

“We had Stevie Lyle for quite a few years – and he’s a British legend – so when I first came in, I knew they were some pretty big shoes to fill,” said Marr.

“I just tried to take it in my stride, be myself and show everyone what I can do.

“Luckily, that’s paid off so far and Aaron has put his trust in me to perform every week.

“We’ve won trophies in the last couple of years, and hopefully we can continue that and win even more in the future.”

Marr has only conceded 36 times in the Cats’ opening 14 fixtures this term and some incredible saves at key times are one of the main reasons Nell’s men sit proudly on top of the National League table.

The 22-year-old was quick to deflect praise onto the defensive players in front of him for their bravery in blocking shots before admitting he actually prefers games where pucks are raining down on his goal as opposed to 60 minutes of peace and quiet.

Marr said: “There have been a few occasions this season where I’ve only been facing a couple of shots a period.

“As a goalie, you don’t really feel like you’re in the game that much.

“I prefer it when I have a little bit more to do because it helps keep you fully focused.

“You have some games where you don’t feel your best, but I’ve felt pretty good for the majority of this season and it’s good to keep my confidence high.

“Now we’re on that roll as a team, I feel like my game is coming along well too and I’m able to help the boys in front of me.

“Likewise, they help me by blocking shots and that makes my job a lot easier.”