THERE is a slight change in our schedule this weekend as we have two away games and none at home.

That is something we have to factor into our preparation but we just have to try to approach it in the same way.

It is a big weekend on the road but we just need to take it one game at a time.

Our previous game last Sunday was also away from home and we go on the road on Boxing Day too.

It’s a tough run but we know that over the course of the season, we have an even amount of games both at home and away.

This is just the way the fixture list has fallen, so we just have to get on with it. It will even itself out eventually.

The way the league is going, away games could be crucial come the end, so it’s vital we do well everywhere we play.

We have done pretty well in away games this season. I don’t know the exact stats but I’d guess that it is the best away form we have had in a long time.

It is obviously important we try to win every home game and make the Link Centre into a real fortress but, at the same time, if we don’t win any away games, it is not going to be a good season for us.

We have shown good form so far, so we need to try to keep that going for the remainder of the campaign.

It is a long trek to play Sheffield Steeldogs on a Friday night to start with so that is not ideal but there is usually a good atmosphere on the team coach beforehand.

There is a mixture of things going on. Some guys like to do their own thing, some will play cards together, and some will just have a sleep and try to get a bit of rest in before the game.

You try to prepare yourself mentally the same way as you would at home, it’s just you are doing it on a coach instead.

We don’t have a game on Saturday night this weekend and that is quite rare.

It is quite nice to have a day off between games, which is a luxury we don’t get very often.

Playing two games back-to-back every weekend is quite tricky, so I am sure the guys will appreciate the rest before they get ready for a big game at Bracknell Bees on Sunday night.