BRITISH speedway bosses are drawing up contingency plans for every eventuality as they plot a path for a shortened season – ensuring a full SGB Premiership campaign as the priority.

The 2020 programme was halted by the coronavirus outbreak after only one meeting: the Benevolent Fund Bonanza in Scunthorpe.

Premiership Supporters' Cup fixtures were due to follow this month, leading into the start of the Premiership season; Swindon Robins looking to retain both titles after a superb 2019.

But with the sport shut down until the middle of April at the very least, it remains to be seen how the season will be rescheduled.

Multiple scenarios are being planned for, with Robins co-promoter Lee Kilby at the heart of the decision making process for the top flight.

“We’re looking at the options,” he said. “I look after the league fixtures for the Premiership, and we are having a little chat with the other promoters at the minute and we’re looking at the options whether we start in May, June or July.

“We want to try and build the different outcomes so we’re on the front foot and we know what’s going to happen as soon as we get given a timeframe to play with.

“It will be impossible to fulfil all the fixtures we had because there won’t be the dates to do it.

“But we’ll be looking to get a full league campaign in depending on the time with full play-offs, because we’ve got the television to look after this year with Eurosport, which is fantastic.

“We don’t know and it’s so difficult to say, but we’ll have outcomes for each eventuality that’s for sure.”

The decision to kickstart the season will be next appraised in an April 15 meeting.

The ultimate conclusion may be out of the hands of promoters.

Kilby said: “Mid-April it’s up for review and I think we’ll be dictated to by what’s going on in the country rather than what we would like to do, because I don’t think there’s any part of the speedway world that would race ahead and start organising events.

“For a long time it was almost that the ball was in your court on whether you wanted to or didn’t want to (race), which was a really difficult call to make, because you want to.

“We want the sport to run and we want people to be engaged in the speedway.

“But on the flip side you almost need the government to say ‘no, you’re not doing this for the period of time’, because it just takes that out of your hands.

“But we’re satisfied that it was the right decision to make. We’ll sit tight and await some news.”