SWINDON Robins co-promoter Lee Kilby says all is well at the Abbey Stadium while the speedway world sits on pause.

The season has been paused until most likely the middle of June amid the coronavirus outbreak.

That would mean the first 15 of Robins’ fixtures, including all their Premiership Supporters’ Cup outings, being called off.

But while other sports worry about the financial implications of missed matchday revenue, Kilby confirmed that Robins have no such fears.

“We’re okay at the moment, we don’t have a lot of outgoings,” he said. “Most of the costs in speedway occur when you race a meeting.

“If we’re not racing meetings then a lot of the costs we won’t incur. From that side of it it’s pretty stable.

“All that’s key for us at the moment is keeping engagement with our supporter base, whether it’s through the media, radio, newspaper and on social media.

“That’s important at the moment, to keep that engagement, keep that conversation up and keep people’s energy high for it so when we do get the green light everyone’s ready to go with it.”

Though the majority of Robins’ riders are currently in the UK, both Rasmus Jensen and new boy Jordan Stewart are in their respective home countries.

But Kilby confirmed that all associated with the team have a clean bill of health.

“Rasmus Jensen is in on lockdown in Denmark so he’s back home with his family,” he said.

“Jordan Stewart has gone back to Australia. He was here ready to go but because he doesn’t know how long for he’s headed back home to Australia for a period of time. All the other boys are here.

“They’re all just sat waiting for confirmation of what can happen and when travel can start.

“As soon as everyone gets the green light to start practice sessions, that’s what all the clubs will be doing behind closed doors just for the guys to get their eye in again, get their speed in and get used to the bikes again, that will be the next stage, we just don’t know when that’s going to be.”

Kilby added: “Everyone’s clear (of coronavirus). We got the request from the BSPA (British Speedway Promoters’ Association) to enquire with our riders and we had a clean bill from everybody.

“That’s why it’s important we just sit tight, don’t do the wrong thing and don’t treat this like a huge bank holiday period where we can all go out and mingle.

“Hopefully everyone stays healthy and well, and we get back at some stage.”

The ultimate decision to delay the season did not come as a surprise for Kilby, who was pleased speedway was not among the last sports to postpone their fixtures.

“I think we all saw it coming, we all thought that would eventually be the outcome, especially as more and more sports took that decision,” he said.

“Since we have made the decision everything is starting to close down now – cinemas, nightclubs, restaurants, pubs.

“It was nice that we weren’t the last sport or activity to make the call, so it shows we’ve got the best interests of everybody at heart, which we do.

“It’s important to look after the riders, the volunteers, the staff, the supporters; everybody.

“It’s key to look after everyone’s best interests at the moment and understand that this is just a period of postponement and it will get back on at some stage.”