KAINE Kesler-Hayden could return to Swindon Town on loan later this month if parent club Aston Villa don’t believe he’s ready for a place in the Premier League club’s first team, according to head coach Ben Garner.

Town were dealt a crushing blow on Saturday night after Villa contacted the County Ground to say they would be recalling one of the League Two side’s standout players this term.

Kesler-Hayden was arguably Swindon’s man of the match against Manchester City in the FA Cup on Friday night, and it may have been that performance which tipped the scales in favour of Steven Gerrard opting to bring the 19-year-old back to Villa Park.

In Monday’s pre-match press conference, Garner admitted Town had no idea the teenage star would be heading back to Villa but said he was reassured the deal was cut short so they could potentially fast-track Kesler-Hayden into their first-team environment.

Garner said: “We got a phone call on Saturday saying they were calling him back so they could have a look at where he is in relation to their squad and see whether he can challenge and get into their team now.

“Kaine came to see me when he got the news – we had a big cuddle, and he was a bit emotional, bless him. But he’s done great for us, he’s done absolutely fantastically.

“He still has lots to learn but he was making really good progress – if he’s going to go back and play in the Premier League for Aston Villa then fantastic and we wish him all the best.”

Town’s head coach said Kesler-Hayden could do with improving his consistency but hopes he can break into Gerrard’s squad regularly after a brief but key stint in Wiltshire.

Asked if Kesler-Hayden could come back before the end of the window should he require a little more development, Garner said: “I think that’s a possibility.

“The conversations that we’ve had are that they’ve taken Kaine back to see where he’s at, it’s not a case of taking him back and loaning him elsewhere.

“If Kaine can do that and play in the Premier League for Aston Villa then fantastic.

“There are two reasons we bring loan players in – one being to help us as a team. And secondly, to help them develop and go on to play at their parent club.

“If he can do that at Aston Villa, brilliant. If they don’t think he’s quite ready, then we’d obviously welcome him back with open arms.”