Scott Lindsey plans to keep working his Swindon Town players hard ahead of their trip to Woking this evening.

Swindon suffered a surprise defeat 2-0 at the hands of Swindon Supermarine on Saturday, but Lindsey will not change anything about his approach to these pre-season matches.

The intensity of training has been increased again this week and the Town squad will go into tonight’s match in a similar condition as they did at the weekend.

Lindsey said: “We are really going to ramp up the training this week, we know exactly what distance they need to cover this week with two games to think about as well.

“We have a real clear plan of what we want from this week.

“It will probably be down time on the Wednesday after the Woking game, but again the Monday session will be a real tough session, so they will be going into the Woking game fatigued again.

“The game will be treated almost like a later training session, without being disrespectful to Woking, but at this stage we have to treat these games like they are training sessions.

“We are just trying to get minutes in their legs and when you look forward to the Woking game and the Eastleigh game and when you go into the last game against Cardiff that is when you start nailing down things.”

Lindsey also said that those training plans will not be impacted by Swindon’s frustrating day in front of goal.

He said: “We had enough chances to win two football matches, never mind half a football game.

“But in terms of shooting practice, I would be more concerned if we weren’t getting into the areas to have the shot.

“It is still very very early, so we won’t put on any shooting practice, but I am sure we will get there eventually.”

This sentiment was shared by Ben Gladwin, who felt the players were annoyed by their inability to find the net, but were ultimately not worried.

He said: “You sense frustration in the dressing room for sure, but that is what these games are all about.

“If we blitz everyone in pre-season and then start the season not great then that is no use to anyone.

“We will take it for what it is, we will look at the bits that weren’t great, we will take the positives out of it and crack on.”