Uniform policy is letting girls down

I was surprised to read the study conducted by Tess Howard highlighting that 70 per cent of women saw girls drop out of sport when they were at school due to clothing and related body image concerns.

There I was thinking social media was doing the harm regarding body image consciousness among young girls.

Sports is meant to mend fences and bring communities together rather than sharpen the divide. Every Muslim woman can relate to this dropping out, because we prepare ourselves for that certain 'look' we get when we wear a hijab in summer. This dropping out is serious, it represents those who feel like dropping out of the community.

In a world where young girls are prone to mental health problems and suicide even, no action in this regard would be extremely detrimental.

Arfa Yassir

Lynmouth Road


Potholes legacy of town's Tory council

The lasting legacy of the Conservative administration will surely be that they oversaw the demise of the town centre, they overspent and under delivered on so many fronts, but above all they failed to get to grips with potholes.

Infilling is not the same as repairing, as everyone but Coun Dale Heenan will confirm. Who will forget his priceless claim in May last year that Swindon only had nineteen unrepaired pot-holes?

In a few weeks time politicians of all hues will be asking for our vote. Let's see what promises they make to persuade us to support them.

Des Morgan

Caraway Drive

Stop messing with our English language

My wife and I received our "poll cards" recently. When is Poll Day? What twerp thought that rebranding it from polling card to poll card was a good idea? The same one that thought rebranding the driving licence to drive licence was a good idea no doubt.

No? You wait. Please leave our lovely English language alone.

On a more positive note I was so pleased to see that the BBC has changed its mind on cutting its choral and orchestral numbers.

We surely need music more than ever to boost us in our ever more uncertain world.

C J Meek,

Cloche Way

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