Michael Flynn has been left frustrated with refereeing performances and decisions going against Swindon during their last two League Two outings.

Town have taken four points from their last two games against the league’s bottom two sides, Doncaster Rovers and Sutton United, but Flynn feels his side have not been getting the rub of the green with decisions.

In both of the games he felt that his side were not given penalties with what were game changing decisions, even if they went on to take all three points against Sutton.

Speaking after the game against Sutton, he said: “Let’s be honest, there were two stonewall penalties that we should have had.

“It is important because at 4-2, we should have had the penalty to hopefully make it 5-2, but instead they go down the other end and make it 4-3.

“You are still nervous and you are still apprehensive at that point in the game.

“Fair play, I spoke to the referee afterwards, and I thought he did alright today, but he said that he probably made a mistake there.

“From our point of view that was the importance of it, because they have gone down the other end and scored.”

However, he was not so forgiving to the officials during the Doncaster game as appeals were waived away for a penalty after multiple incidents of pulling in the penalty area.

Flynn said: “I am not going to go over the top, but I thought against Doncaster it [the refereeing] was poor and the fourth official was even worse.

“He didn’t want to be there, and he didn’t contribute to the game in any way, shape, or form.

“The referee didn’t give us a thing second half and I think it was an absolutely abysmal performance from him.

“It is what it is, and I am not going to pigeonhole them all, because I think we have had some very good refereeing performances this year.”