Michael Flynn revealed that a free agent deal fell apart at the last minute this week as his quest to bolster his squad continues.

Speaking ahead of Swindon Town taking on Walsall this weekend, Flynn discussed his ongoing pursuit to add to his squad, which took another turn this week.

Flynn had said that he hoped a deal would get done this week and that he had made an offer to a player, but that moves seems to have fallen through.

A deal had been in place to bring a player in this week but fell apart at the last minute after the player in question changed their mind.

Flynn said: “I will give you a full update, I had someone who was due down yesterday, the medical was booked and everything was agreed for 12 o’clock, so I was hoping to announce it at 11.34.

“But we were then told that he had changed his mind and was likely to move abroad, so that was a big kick in the teeth as I put a lot of effort into it, as had others at the club.

“Like I have always said, until that contract is signed, and the ink has dried, it is never done.”

Flynn said that he continues to be frustrated by the mindset of free agents who are waiting for offers which have not yet come around.

He said: “Normally [you would expect players to lower their demands], but this year they haven’t.

“People are still asking for decent money, but the longer they leave it the more out of condition they will be.

“You can do all the running in the world, lift all the weights, whatever it is, if you are not playing matches then it will still take you a couple of weeks to get up to speed.

“I wouldn’t put myself in that position if I was a player, I know sometimes it is not their decision, but for the ones who are hanging out and saying, ‘I only want a League One club, I don’t want to go to League Two’, there is no League One club out there.

“You have to broaden your horizons and swallow a bit of pride and go and show that you can do it in League Two and that you deserve to be in League One.

“It is quite simple really, but unfortunately not everyone is that way inclined.”