Michael Flynn said he is looking for certain characteristics more than a specific position as he looks to add to his squad.

Flynn revealed last Friday that Swindon Town had missed out on a target as they chose to move abroad after agreeing terms with Town.

But Flynn said that he was not wedded to the idea of bringing in one position as he evaluates his free agent options.

He said: “We still have players in the pipeline, I just need to think about what exactly is going to strengthen us.

“Put it this way, because people have mentioned about height at the back, I am not just going to sing a six-foot-three, six-foot-four, or six-foot-five centre back who can’t play.

“That would kill everything that we do, so they have to be decent on the ball.

“We haven’t really been found out due to height, we have been found out from switching off.

“I would probably say that if we are missing anything then it would be that leader on the pitch, and that does not mean that they have to be 35 and it does not mean that they cannot be 18, for example.

“We just need that leader type who will be disciplined and sit in and keep the shape when we need them to.

“Whether that is up front or at the back, in midfield, or even out wide, the players we are looking at need to have that level of understanding of the game.”

Flynn added that additional depth was about giving him a safety blanket to protect against potential injuries.

He said: “Everyone keeps saying it can’t go on [the current size of the squad] and I am not stupid enough to gamble and say it can.

“But we have had a really good pre-season, the boys are fit, we have had a couple of freak injuries, in terms of niggles in the way they have happened.

“Fortunately, they have not been bad injuries like they became at Walsall, three cruciate injuries is crazy, I have never heard of it, so we have been fortunate in that respect.

“Tom Clayton is probably four weeks away, so he is another one that will be added to it, so that puts us back up to a healthy number.

“So if we could get one or two more added to that, it would give us a bit of added peace of mind going into what will be a tough couple of months.”