Clem Morfuni said that Swindon Town’s budget is big enough to sustain a promotion challenge in League Two this season.

Swindon’s owner spoke on a range of issues during a live interview with the Swindon Town Official Supporter’s Club and The Sir Tom Broadbent Lounge on Wednesday 20th September and among the issues discussed was the playing budget.

Town have made a strong start to the season under Michael Flynn, remaining unbeaten after seven league games, but are still looking to add to the squad after missing out on targets during the summer transfer window.

Morfuni said that promotion was the main aim of the club this season and that he felt the budget Flynn is working with is big enough to compete at the top of League Two, because they are already doing so.

During the interview, he said: “I have been talking with Flynny, obviously we are trying to get some more players in, I have been talking with him and Jamie [Russell] since August. We have a plan for January.

“You can throw as much money as you want into a team, it does not mean you are going to get promoted. You have seen that with different clubs.

“Flynn understands the league, understands how to get out of the league, understands how to work with a proper budget, not just throw around a bucket-load of money, and that is what we are doing.

“He will tell me that he needs a player, we will sit down and see what the numbers are and we will do it, Jamie, Flynny, and me, we are all working to sort out the players.

“I think we are going alright, we are third and we have a game in hand, and if we win that game in hand then we are first, so to say the budget is not sufficient is not right.

“If we were bottom of the league, I could understand that, but I think we are going alright at the moment.

“Promotion for us is a goal that we are striving for, we are there to get promoted this year and we are trying so hard to get promoted, that is my goal at the end of the day.”

Morfuni also confirmed that the departures of Sandro Di Michele, Jody Morris, and Ed Brand had not impacted the playing budget as they “had that budget already”.