Michael Flynn said that the interplay between his front three was a joy to watch during Swindon Town’s 2-2 draw with Morecambe.

Charlie Austin, Jake Young, and Dan Kemp combined to create the latter’s opening goal at the Mazuma Stadium, before Young and Kemp linked up again to win the penalty that Austin would subsequently dispatch.

The trio have now collectively scored 18 of Town’s 24 goals this season as they have gotten off to a red-hot start.

Flynn said that the football which was played, particularly involving his attacking trident, was exactly what he was looking for from his players.

“Yeah. The goalkeeper makes an unbelievable save and I am not sure he knows much about it off Jake Young. If it goes either side of him then it is a goal.

“Jake’s balls for [Dan] Kemp were brilliant and the build-up for the penalty is another example of the football we are playing, and we have to keep that up.

“Some of the football we played today was unbelievable. It was very exciting and fluent football, and these players deserve a lot of credit for having the confidence and the mentality to keep playing like that.

“We were in complete control, we had some unbelievable chances, and on another day we do score five again.”