The Swindon Advertiser understands that the promotional license to operate Speedway in Swindon has reverted back to the national governing body.

To operate and run a speedway team in the UK you need a promotional license granted by the national organisation - British Speedway, which can at any time revoke it if it chooses to.

For years that license was owned by Swindon Speedway's Terry Russell, but since the motorsport departed from its home at Blunsdon's Abbey Stadium, Rusell's license has been 'on ice' while the future of the sport in the town was figured out. 

However, it is now understood that British Speedway has taken back the promotional license for Swindon Speedway, which has been confirmed by the governing body. 

A spokesperson for British Speedway said: "I can confirm that when a club ceases to operate within British Speedway their promotional rights revert to the BSP. 

This could have ramifications for the future of Speedway in Swindon because it now means that Terry Russell doesn't have the legal right to promote a team in the area. 

When it was announced that speedway would not be returning to Abbey Stadium, that decision was caveated by the creation of a new company called Swindon Motorsports Ltd, a joint venture between Terry Russell at Swindon Speedway and the owners of Abbey Stadium, Clark Osborne-led Gaming International. 

This new company was going to find a new home for the Robins to race and in November it was announced that a suitable location had been found that would see a motorsports stadium get built for speedway, and other events like box car racing.

And this month, following the financial demise of Torquay Football Club, it was understood by the Advertiser after talking to Mr Osborne that plans for the Swindon motorsports arena were still progressing well, and the site was secured. 

It was believed that discussions with stakeholders were taking place, and once complete the location, which is said to be within a 45-minute drive of the town, would be confirmed. 

But as things stand, even if the new motorsports arena were to be built, it would not see the return of Swindon Speedway because no one has a promotional license to operate it. 

However, it does mean that for the first time in many years, anyone can apply to take over the promotional rights for the team going forward.