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Politicians hypocritical

WE WRITE in response to the SA report and pictures ‘Day Of Solemn Remembrance,’ Nov 13.

We find there is a huge amount of hypocrisy by many politicians and their laying of wreaths at cenotaphs on Remembrance Day.

These politicians who lay wreaths in memory of the British war dead are the same politicians who vote for war at every opportunity, who voted for the renewal of Trident and who continue to support the sale of British made weapons to Saudi Arabia.

We see on a daily basis the devastating consequences these weapons have on the population of Yemen, with death, disease and suffering on an unimaginable scale.

It’s time for the politicians to stop their support of war and support peace. Years of voting for wars and the dropping of bombs on innocent adults and children has resulted in millions of deaths and displaced people and has created the biggest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War.

MARTIN AND MARK WEBB, Swindon Road, Swindon

Tackle NHS waste

FOLLOWING the letter from Mrs V Garside (SA Nov 15) regarding NHS waste, I have two boxes of catheter equipment going to waste, but the NHS will not take them back.

All the items are encased in heat-sealed polythene, so surely there is no risk of cross contamination until they are opened.

The use by dates are 2021, so what is the risk of contamination unless not opened correctly? I do not like to throw them away, but it appears that I have no choice. What a waste.

Last year I was sent home from GWH with a zimmer frame. When I no longer needed it someone took it back for me, along with a walking stick she had been given. They did not even ask where they were being returned from.

Do they not follow up any non-returned items? Yet more waste of funds having to buy more. This money could be put to better use – such as giving the nurses a decent wage.

I have had three spells in the GWH in 12 months, so have seen first-hand what the nurses have to go through to look after other people. Calling them angels is no exaggeration.

It is a pity the Government doesn’t treat them like human beings and not slaves, and pay them what they are worth.

KEITH GIBBONS, Kingshill, Swindon

I see no stadium

IN THE words of the Great Lord Nelson who held his telescope upto his blind eye: “Ships, I see no Ships.” In our case it’s “Stadium, I see no stadium,” nor any further work to tell us it is going to happen.

Way back when we had a report saying the stadium was built, in a flat pack form ready to be put up, but at the moment it’s stored somewhere in Wales.

Could all who are involved in this project be truly open and honest and give us all a truthful answer, yes or no, about the stadium?

JOHN L CROOK, Haydon Wick, Swindon