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Use the Pattern Store

I AGREE with some of the comments made by Anna Green 18-11-2017, David Collins 20-11-2017 and Graham Carter from Swindon Heritage magazine with their valid points concerning the proposed new museum.

Rob Hebden states Swindon has great people and a history of innovation but too often our council leaders fail to listen to what the public want and need.

Now too many people seem to be against the museum bid. If successful though, I’m sure the town will embrace it.

However, if it fails, how about the Pattern Store for a cheaper option?

Please listen councillors. It could make an excellent place for what is needed and would really show off our heritage and history through its bold architecture, depending of course on who owns it.

If the cost of its restoration is too much, maybe a replica of the pattern store could be built in the museum’s intended place.

Copying an existing historical building and carrying that theme to another part of the town would be unique, showcasing our history in our art collection, museum artefacts and in architecture.

The new build in a lighter colour may look better, it could incorporate some reclaimed materials like bricks, timbers etc but still mainly new and still be eco-friendly.

The rooftop could be a view deck with a café, bar or restaurant that would generate money and would also be a cool place to go.

The strong industrial stature of the building with its lovely arched windows shows a statement of our proud history.

A replica like this would be innovated, creative and inspirational. The so-say emerging cultural quarter could say it is arty and bohemian and it would cost less if the bid fails.

Although it is an exciting time with so many proposed new developments, the council cannot ignore our derelict buildings, a poor town centre and failing, inadequate roads.

Listen to the people of this town their ideas may surprise you.

LEE WALSH, Boydell Close, Shaw, Swindon

We do want gallery

MR COLLINS In his letter published on Monday says the “majority of us don’t want” the new museum and art gallery. Based on which survey is that?

I am excited by the idea of the building and look forward to seeing it happen. Many people I know have a similar opinion as mine, but who’s to know how representative that is of the “majority” of Swindon?

The project is part of a plan to help regenerate the town centre, to turn it into more than just a shopping destination. Nearly everybody will agree that regeneration is required, but we have so many misery-guts in this town who will moan about every proposal the council comes up with.

The council’s track record on projects is pretty poor, but the one for a new museum and art gallery might actually work.

The place will certainly not improve if the council does nothing.

Nice as it would be to see the Mechanics and Corn Exchange put back into use, that will not help in the regeneration of the town centre.

SIMON DUXBURY, Wembley Street, Swindon

Terror not a health issue

SINCE when has terrorism been a matter of ‘health’? Why is the Clinical Commissioning Group involved at all (“Eight children on terror watchlist” SA Nov 25)?

The function of the CCG is to purchase health care. It should not be involved in the specific care or treatment of individuals – whether they be patients or members of the public.

Of course, if it is considered by the powers that be that anyone who holds ‘radical’ views (that are unacceptable to The Establishment) needs to see a psychiatrist, then I would suggest that perhaps it is those who hold such views that are in need of help.

Terrorism is quite different from holding radical views; and it is a shame that we use the term ‘radicalisation’ of those involved.

Terrorists have been deliberately encouraged to commit the crime of mass murder.

MALCOLM MORRISON, Retired surgeon, Prospect Hill, Swindon

Praise for hospital

I WAS referred by my excellent GP at Eldene Surgery to GWH on November 17 with worrying symptoms.

The staff at Linnet/Kingfisher and Shalbourne wards were kind, considerate and professional under severe workload demands.

The NHS is reported as being under huge pressure but the dedication and response day in and day out by those following the vocation and demand of health care is brilliant to behold.

From doctors, nurses, catering and tea porters they are all of the noblest and highest called.

Over my 37 years in Swindon and my three previous times as an in-patient for two knee cap replacements a decade ago and a minor stroke in 2014 I have never received less than the best of attention and care.

I think the staff of GWH are stars of great worth and brilliance in a frequently troubled world we live in.

If life is about caring for others than our local hospital and staff are simply the best.

BJ MANSFIELD, Pembroke Street, Swindon

Bear costs in mind

A GLARING example of the borough council and its parish council, or pass the buck scheme, has again reared its head.

At the North Swindon Parish meeting we were told the latest estimate to refurbish the toilet block in Chapel Street, which the council had refused to keep within its list of buildings and responsibilities, is now £75,000.

When we were having initial parish meetings I asked why we were considering taking it over with such costs involved, but was told if the parish didn’t, the council would shut it.

Tax payers need to keep this news in mind as the elections draw near.

T REYNOLDS, Wheeler Avenue, Swindon