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I feel betrayed

I WRITE with a great feeling of disappointment and betrayal to read about Labour’s position on Brexit and the case for a second referendum. It confirms one’s worst fears that Labour (and Corbyn) will once again be ‘missing in action’ over the most important issue for the country since the Second World War.

His refusal to entertain the possibility of a second referendum is both cowardly and an affront to democracy with Labour sustaining the May administration in its folly in pursuit of Brexit and an economic disaster for the country. We live in a representative democracy but the holding of referenda negates such an ideal. It hands the decision making back from Parliament to the electorate.

Therefore, once the outcome of the current Brexit negotiations is available, it is not just Parliament that should have the final say. The decision must be handed back to the original decision-makers - the electorate. By refusing to add Labour’s voice to the call for such a move, Corbyn is betraying this democratic principle.

As a member of the Labour Party for nearly 40 years and having served the Party as the Labour Leader of Thamesdown (now Swindon) Council in the 1990s it pains me to admit that I shall not be renewing my membership. Labour is betraying the younger generation and the 63% of the electorate which did not vote to Leave the EU.

Labour no longer represents me as it appears to have abandoned all pretence at being an outward looking party working with other left of centre parties across the continent for the betterment of all of Europe’s peoples. Only a drastic change of direction will cause me to renew my membership.

TONY MAYER, Haydon Wick, Swindon

Excellent treatment

Only yesterday I wrote to the Advertiser in praise of honest Swindonians who drove across town to return my lost purse. Today, I write in praise of our local NHS hospital, GWH. I would like to thank the receptionists, triage, radiographers, and doctor who treated me with a minor hand fracture within two hours of arrival this evening.

I felt quite embarrassed to need treatment for a relatively minor problem at such a busy time. A&E was busy beyond the waiting room but I was impressed and humbled to receive such kind and efficient treatment. We must not take our NHS for granted! Thanks to all involved.

SUE HAMMOND, The Prinnels, West Swindon

Such sad news

Just read the headlines of the Adver which shamed one of our local people. How good it is when the reverse is true and people’s goodness is celebrated. Sad to read this woman has been jailed for stealing. Hard for her and her family and friends - costly for society. I think prison should be for people who are a danger to others and that those who steal should pay back what they have stolen and work hard to do so.

MARY ROGERS, Lawns, Swindon