Costly snow dome could be a lost cause?

The Swindon snow centre plan was first announced about a decade ago with agreement for its construction as part of a £120 million development by a company called Moirai Capital Investment Ltd, finalised in 2012.

After years of stalling, the current developers of the project, Seven Capital, took over with a £270 million plan which was approved by the local council in November 2018.

It should be clear to councillors that Seven Capital have neither the money or the will to develop the site as envisaged.

As ever, Coun Renard attempts to sidestep the issue by suggesting that refurbishing the Oasis is the ‘priority’.

Kind regards

Des Morgan

22 Caraway Drive



Letter writer does not speak for me

In response to Steve Cowdry’s (only) letter of May 17, he strikes me as a person who wouldn’t know a reasoned argument if he fell over it.

It would seem he is so wrapped up in his hatred of Brexit that anyone who disagrees is wrong.

That’s fine, only please don’t presume to know me or my reasons for appealing to end this interminable argument that achieves nothing.

I have no style, sadly. Grow up Steve.

Jacqui Jackson

Hare Close

Upper Stratton

Our leaders causing living cost carnage

There is an old saying.

You cannot get blood out of a stone.

People are faced with horrendous utility bills, high inflation and taxation the highest in decades.

Especially the young with families. Not to mention starving and freezing pensioners come this winter.

We will have no choice soon but to revert to civil unrest - God forbid, hand on my heart on that one.

When the TV licence for over-seventy-fives was reinstated, a friend of mine - Chris - said they will never get away with that one, but they have.

How much longer do we put up this carnage on our living standards imposed by the posh boys running our country?

Whom the nearest any of them ever got to a hard days work was passing by a building site on the walk to their thousands of pounds annual education at Eton?

Remember -you cannot buy intelligence, no matter the cost.

It is inherited from your gene pool.

I rest my case with hope in my heart - but despair in my Christian soul for us all if this continues.

Bill Williams.

Merlin Way,