Renewable energy is the solution for us

Dear Editor,

So a new PM, All this means is changing the label, the goods will be the same.

Backwards not forwards, sticking with 20th century technology, fossil fuels, nuclear, fracking, and all the not-mentioned problems that will cause.

Renewables are the 21st century and onward way, but past administrations have starved research and development into renewables.

If they hadn't done this, we would not be in this mess of being held over a barrel because we would be more advanced.

Scotland, on the other hand, have been developing it more, even exporting it.

Politicians rely on short memories , lack of perception, apathy, and self-interest.

Never any mention of what nuclear will cost - it's always over time and budget - and there is never any mention of decommissioning them and its cost.

Nuclear power will leave huge financial and health problems for our children's children and onwards.

Along with this, there has been a complete disregard for how humans have been trashing the oceans, land and air.

Looking no further than next week, I can't understand why those for nuclear, fracking and fossil fuels have children.

David Thomas,

Dilton Marsh,


Freemasons' tribute to the late Queen

Dear Editor,

It was with the greatest sadness that the United Grand Lodge of England learned of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, our longest serving British Sovereign.

Queen Elizabeth’s father, His late Majesty King George VI and her consort, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, were both Freemasons.

Her cousin, HRH The Duke of Kent, has been Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England since 1967, and will be sending a message of condolence on behalf of all English Freemasons to His Majesty The King.

Another of her cousins, HRH Prince Michael of Kent, has been Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales since 1982.

An announcement is being made from Mark Masons’ Hall.

God Save The King.

Provincial Grand Lodge of Wiltshire,

Caraway Drive, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN2 2RR

Make the best of life while you can

Dear Editor,

As I walk my dog, twice daily, you notice the dark nights approaching.

Dog walkers agreed?

My summer display of potted flowers on the front of my house will soon be dispatched to my back garden till next year.

Sadly, in this brief human existence nothing stays the same as time goes on.

We are all just passing through this life. Some for quite a time as I am.

Many for a much shorter period.

As we all have experienced at our loss of family and friends and pets.

My point? Make the best of your life while you can.

Help people with less than you have.

Love and protect pets in your care, they depend on you for exercise, food and affection.

Give to charitable cause as long as you can afford it.

God Bless you all.

Bill Williams.

Merlin Way,